Unique and Colorful Home Accessories

Unique and Colorful Home Accessories

Published by HAPARI on Mar 3rd 2014

I grew up in the northeast so you can imagine how valuable good weather is. Sure, we had more cloudy days than not, more rain than shine and sometimes the humidity was enough to make you wonder why you even bothered doing your hair in the first place. The one thing that I can tell you though is that all those cloudy days certainly made the clear ones all that more precious. One feeling I will never forget is the first day you catch a glimpse that spring has arrived. There’s something that changes in the air that day. The sun shines a little brighter, the birds sing a little happier and the smell of fresh grass is in the air. That warm feeling inside let’s you know that winter has finally passed and spring is on its way.

All that newness makes me want to bring it into my home. Colors, textures and so much more inspire me to spruce up my home to keep that feeling of spring continuing through the year. I even get so carried away, I think I can accomplish any idea I see on Pinterest “from things lying around the house” that I’ve had to go out and buy from various hardware stores. Ha! Hours later and a ball of twine that was supposed to be a wreath, and I’m spent. I’ll find something I love on Etsy or Uncommon Goods and save the effort for something I’m far better at, like baking. :) Since I’ve just shared my secret that I’m not actually the best crafter, I might as well share some of the best home décor I’ve found for Spring 2014. I think you'll see that fashion and home go hand in hand when it comes to defining your style and that sometimes we need to embrace a bit of new to feel that warm, happy feeling all over again.

Unique and one-of-a-kind are the words you’ll hear this season. Everyone now sees the importance of individuality, repurposing materials and recycling some of our old things into our new favorites. Plus, you’ll see dashes of color like you’ve never seen before. Here’s a little inspiration to start. Check out these fabulous napkins. Yes, I just used the words ‘fabulous’ and ‘napkins’ together and if I still have your attention after that I feel we have an unbreakable bond for the rest of this article.  You'll see the color of the year here, but you'll also see a pallet of bright, yet soothing colors that not only add life to your table or patio but inspire a great conversation! You'll find yourself joking about the color swatch names, commenting on what you'd like to try on your wall sometime or simply enjoying the happy vibes these napkins bring to the table. Pun intended.

Next, let's take it from fashion forward napkins to adding a pop of color to your world when you first enter your home! Surprise your guests with a less traditional accent! These are easy to do yourself, but like I said before, it is sometimes just as easy to buy something that's already made wonderfully by someone else who has the time and experience. Plus, who says you didn't make them yourself? ;) These are on Etsy's website, but can easily be pulled together by materials from any local craft store. Use  trendy turquoise or  Radiant Orchid, which is sooo in right now! Of course you'll want to choose a color or accent that goes with your already fabulous decor, but the important part is to think outside the box and find a hue that makes you feel happy and of course takes your decor to the next level.

And lastly, this one is just for fun. It's a home accessory that you can wear. Yep, you read that right. Its a candle that you can wear. Just typing that sentence makes me smile a little. It may likely be the one time in my life I type that sentence. I love moments like that. So, this candle is made from some pretty amazing oils and an organic blend of coconut, palm and apricot oil.  They even give you a dipping stick that allows you to take as much as you like to use as a solid perfume and body butter. Yes, this candle does it all, but doesn't it smell good? Oh yes. It's aroma combines just enough fresh and organic scents to make this smell like you spent a million bucks, but only for the small cost of $28. How long does it burn? Well, I guess that depends on how dry your elbows are. :)

So the importance of bringing the trend of the season into the rest of your home from your closet is something that is important not because "trends" say you should or fashion dictates it, but simply because shades of you should be expresses all through your home from the smallest to the largest of accents in your home. Take a moment and go through your wardrobe, put on your favorite dress (or hat, or shoes!) and get to browsing!