Top Shoe Trends for Summer 2013 | Hapari

Top Shoe Trends for Summer 2013 | Hapari

Published by HAPARI on Jul 14th 2013

Woman Sitting on a Chair The perfect accessory - shoes!

We are so thrilled to share the top shoe trends for summer 2013! Who doesn't love shoes? I mean, really... they are amazing for so many reasons...they can make your casual ensemble into a rockstar event, give your body a sexy silhouette  while giving you that extra height you've always wanted and more.

A pop of color or a shiny patent leather can change your day. Shoes are a staple wardrobe piece and don't make you feel bad when you've put on a pair you haven't worn in a while because they still fit, even after a Thanksgiving feast. Shoes are absolutely wonderful. With summer coming to a peak we're finding we need a little newness in our wardrobe. But, what do we buy? What are we missing from our closet?

Here are the top shoe trends for summer 2013, some new and some classics, but certainly favored by all!

Top Shoe Trends for Summer 2013

1. Wedges

Woman Posing Wearing Wedges Shoes The perfect accessory - shoes!

So much fun, stylish, casual or dressed up and most importantly comfortable, this style is certainly our favorite this season. Wear with a hot skinny jean and a flowing silk top or with an amazing maxi dress to make your day a little more spicy! This trend can go boho chic or ethereal in how you interpret it. It is unique and yet a classic in so many ways. Do you have the right wedge for your day out?

2. Lace Up Sandals

This one's a newbie! This is a great shoe to match with shorts and skirts, but be careful not to overdo it. Such a unique trend should be handled with care. This is also a nod to the boho look and a throwback style to eras before us. I think this trend will stick around for a while, but change in which ways you accessorize it so it can certainly live long in your closet and be well worth the purchase.

3. Ankle Straps

Ladies beware, this is one hot style and may be too much for the faint at heart! This can be a great style for those looking for a more stable heel and it has quite the sultry effect on the leg and ankle. Although hard for some to rock who may have thicker ankles, it can help give definition if worn correctly. Straps that sit higher or lower, are angles or in fun colors give any lucky lady an option to style up her summer! Paired with a pegged leg pant or a lovely skirt will do just the trick!

4. Pointy Toe Pumps

Thought this was for fall and winter only? Think again! Heels are always in style and certainly come in a variety of prints, colors and materials! I just saw a pump in patterned canvas that matched the summer season perfectly. Color choice is definitely the key to making them rock all summer long. This can transition from the office to a great night out on the town. Remember to pick a fun color that is uniquely you and pair wisely with a great slack or skirt.

5. Metallics

Woman Wearing Metallic Shoes The perfect accessory - shoes!

Well, this is a trend that has come back from the mid to late 1990's and I'm so excited! Of course the styles have been updated and now we see metallic influences in every style and in different materials. Patent leather metallic toed pumps, boat shoes with a metallic-treated suede and the classic flat sandal. Who doesn't love this trend in one way or another? The magic is that it can also be dressed up or dressed down and will certainly be a trend for a while and certainly a top shoe trend for 2013!