Top 5 Must-Do Holiday Activities

Check out HAPARI’s list of the best holiday attractions to do this season!


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The holidays are officially here! It’s time to watch holiday movies, bake delicious treats and sit in front of a fire all night. How amazing does that sound?! It’s the season we’ve been waiting for all year long, and it’s finally here (can you tell we’re a little excited?).

To help you kick off the celebrations, check out our list of the Top 5 Must-Do Holiday Activities below.


  • Ugly Sweater Holiday Party


Ditch the stuffy holiday parties and host your own ugly sweater holiday party instead! Ugly sweater parties are a fun way to host a get-together with friends and family; plus, the ugly sweaters serve as a natural ice breaker! The only requirement? Guests must wear the ugliest holiday sweaters they have. The fun part is the uglier and more out-dated the sweater, the better. Bring on the clashing patterns, glaring accoutrements and oddly shaped frocks! Offer a prize for the best worst sweater!

Don’t have an ugly sweater laying around? Hit up your local thrift store to find the perfect sweater. Or, make your own! We love this tutorial on DIY ugly sweater decorating.


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  • DIY Gingerbread House


Have you ever actually made your own gingerbread house? Sadly, neither had we! This year, the HAPARI team is accepting the Gingerbread House Challenge to make our very own gingerbread house from scratch. Being realistic about our cooking abilities, if our from-scratch efforts don’t pan out, we’ve all agreed to buy a gingerbread house kit instead. Either way, building a gingerbread house will create lasting holiday memories. Try it with your family and friends!


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  • Eggnog Cocktails and Mocktails


My favorite part about the holidays is the food. There are delicious treats, tasty morsels, and scrumptious drinks all around. This year, try adding an eggnog drink to your holiday festivities. For the adults who enjoy alcoholic beverages, we advise trying an eggnog cocktail this year. The Food Network has a great recipe using Bourbon that’s worth a try. For the nondrinkers in the group, try making a standard eggnog drink. Martha Stewart has several great non-alcoholic versions to try. Whether you’re team mocktail or team cocktail, an eggnog drink is the perfect way to ring in the holidays!


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  • Christmas Light Displays


It wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas lights! Pile the kiddos in the car and check out your area’s local holiday light shows. From enthusiastic neighbors with a talent for holiday lighting (did someone say the Griswold’s?) to your local areas festivities, there are several options to check out lights. Most cities hold annual lighting of Christmas tree ceremonies or decorate downtown areas. Plan an evening to check out the beautiful decor!


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  • Charity Work


Last, but certainly not least, take some time this holiday season for charity work. We’ve all had our ups and downs this year, but it’s important to take time out of our busy schedules to give back to those in need. Pick a cause you’re passionate about and find a way to give back. Charity doesn’t necessarily mean donating money (although it can!), you can also donate your time and talents. Remember the reason for the season!


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