Top 5 Fall 2015 Trends: Fashion & Beauty

Top 5 Fall 2015 Trends: Fashion & Beauty

Published by HAPARI on Sep 4th 2015

(Image via Harper’s Bazaar)

Dear Fall, welcome! We’ve been long awaiting your arrival like a weary vagabond tired from a journey through the long, hot, muggy summer days. Your arrival is a tasty one; with it you bring pumpkin spice flavored everything, from lattes to cookies to breads. Your mere appearance signals longer days and more human-friendly temperatures. You make us bust out oversized sweaters paired with boots and dark lipstick. Oh, Fall, welcome home!

Am I right HAPARI peeps? Can I get an amen for Fall? I can’t wait for the coming months! To help you celebrate the return of football season, ahem, we mean fall, we’ve curated a list of the top 5 fall 2015 trends. Check it out!


Blunt Bangs

Bangs are back! Are you ready for a change to your beachy summer do? It’s time to grab the scissors and try some blunt, edgy bangs; or better yet, have your hairdresser cut them. Trust us, it will turn out better. Check out some of our favorite bang styles of the season below.

(Images via Fashion Tag)

Maroon Lippies

Wearing dark lipstick at night is a thing, it’s always been. Fall 2015 trends make wearing dark lipstick an all-day err-day type of thing. That’s right, if you’re falling the often ambiguous (but fun!) rules of fashion, you can now wear lipstick all night and during the day. Some of our favorite new hues are mocha, plum, and deep red. Another lip trend we’re noticing is the lip stain. Gone are the shiny glosses, and in are the dark berry-stained lips. Drink up the kool aid!

(Images via Fashionisers)


Add a Tie

Looking for an easy trend to try for fall? Try this one - add a necktie to your shoot! This season we saw several fashion designers add a flourishing knot to their designs. From ties at the neckline to formfitting ties at the waist, adding a knot or bow tie to an outfit can add just a touch of elegance. Check out the stunning examples below!

(Images via Vogue)

Wear the Trend! Plus Size African Vibe Front String Bikini Top

Solid Bright Color

Ready to add a few pieces to your wardrobe for fall? Why not add a few solid bright pieces to liven up your selection? While the past few years have been all about muted undertones, the current season is about bright, pops of color! From runway favorites like Roberto Cavalli to Oscar de la Renta to BCBG, the fashion world is embracing the loud trend. Check out our favorite street styles below.

(Images via Harper’s Bazaar)

Wear the Trend! HAPARI’s Ultra Soft Yellow Blouson Tankini Top

Patchwork Patterns

Last but not least, in an effort that may seem contradictory to the other fall 2015 trends of solid colors, the patchwork print is back in! Say hello to the 70’s because they’re back in full force as a way to ring in the new season. Patchwork designs can be seen in coats, pants, tops, and even swimwear! Check out our HAPARI suit making it in with the top fall fashions of 2015!

(Images via: SOS Nation)

Wear the Trend! HAPARI’s Madrid Sport Tankini Top

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