The “Stuck With You Date” by The Dating Divas

My name is Wendy, I am a part of The Dating Divas. I am super excited to be able to guest post here at Hapari! I have to admit… I am in LOVE with their swimsuits! Everything about them! From the prints to the styles… definitely up my alley!!

When deciding what date I could leave with you today, it was perfect to share the one that you could all go on… wearing your sexy Hapari swimwear!! {wink wink}

Introducing… Stuck With You Date

My incredibly amazing husband planned this date for us to go on. I recently had a baby and while that is super exciting in itself, it was time to get out! I live in Utah and we have incredible mountains surrounding the valley where I live. It is not hard to find a river at all. So we grabbed some tubes and headed up the canyon.

Does the water look cold? Buuuurrrrrrr, it was!!! But it was such a nice day! After the entertaining ride down, we ran across this cute little root beer “float” stand. So we made it a day of floats.

The best part of going on a date like this is the peaceful quietness of nature and the one-on-one time you get to have with your best friend. You’d be crazy to bring your cell phone… so it was perfect to chat and catch up! We definitely had a great time.

Over at The Dating Divas, our goal and mission is to strengthen marriages one date at a time. We like to keep the spark alive! Going out on fun and inexpensive dates again and doing quick and easy things to express our love, are just a few things we focus on.

This week we are hosting a giveaway sponsored by Hapari, and we hope you will come on over to enter and check out what we have to offer!!


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