• Featured at Hapari: Plus Size Swimwear

    Jul 21st 2014

    Featured at Hapari: Plus Size Swimwear

    This summer we say kick swimwear anxiety to the curb! We know that summer time can be stressful. Between juggling work and entertaining the kiddos, finding a great swim suit doesn’t have to be. And, t…

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  • A Dream Getaway in Palm Desert

    Apr 16th 2014

    A Dream Getaway in Palm Desert

    It's been about a week now since we've been home from Palm Desert, California. We left Kansas City on Friday, April 7, and it was a cold, wet day. We were happy to say goodbye to the Midwest spring st…

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  • Pretty in Purple

    Dec 2nd 2013

    Pretty in Purple

    In Vogue’s latest “Color Correct” column, they name purple as the hue for this holiday season. The monthly column provides color-specific suggestions to consider, and this month, they’ve chos…

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  • 90s Fashion Trends

    Oct 23rd 2013

    90s Fashion Trends

    JUST KIDDING... sort of... | Hapari Companies like American Apparel & Urban Outfitters are reviving the fashion of the 1990's. Is this the greatest thing to happen to fashion or should we put…

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  • How to Rock Your Swimwear | Hapari

    Oct 14th 2013

    How to Rock Your Swimwear | Hapari

    We're here to tell you how to rock your swimwear  with confidence! Hapari knows a swimsuit can be intimidating if you're new to a brand, trying a new style or are just plain human. I know shoppin…

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  • Positive Self Esteem

    Jul 12th 2013

    Positive Self Esteem

    We've heard a lot about "Fat Talk" lately in the news... this is not a new epidemic, but what is it? Healthy body image is the best gift we can give to ourselves! For some of you who may hav…

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