• Sweet Summer Smoothies

    Aug 7th 2013

    Sweet Summer Smoothies

    Sweet Summer Smoothie Recipes courtesy of! It's really heating up outside, but we are cool as cucumbers inside sipping on our Sweet Summer Smoothies! These delectable treats will…

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  • The Art of Philanthropy

    Aug 5th 2013

    The Art of Philanthropy

    The art of philanthropy - Sam Simone's charitable life. The art of philanthropy is a trade we are not born with, but one that we often learn through trials and tribulations. Often we find ou…

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  • Laughter Is The Best Medicine

    Aug 2nd 2013

    Laughter Is The Best Medicine

    Laughter is the Best Medicine! Have you ever heard that Laughter is the Best Medicine? Well, when you're down or not feeling well it's hard to think about laughing much at all, but we're not t…

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  • Jul 31st 2013

    Fun DIY Crafts for Moms | Hapari

    Best DIY Crafts for Moms Summer is a great time to spend time with your children, but chances are by this point of summer you're hot, exhausted and awaiting their return to school in the c…

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  • Best No Bake Cookie Recipes

    Jul 27th 2013

    Best No Bake Cookie Recipes

    Best No Bake Recipes! Who doesn't love a good cookie?! Sure, cupcakes were trending for a bit and then macaroons, but no one can ever replace an amazing homemade cookie which is why I am s…

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  • Top Baby Room Decorating Ideas

    Jul 25th 2013

    Top Baby Room Decorating Ideas

    Top Baby Room Decorating Ideas! Image courtesy of First, congratulations are in order! You're having a baby and no matter if it is your first, second or third, each time i…

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