• Our Favorite Summer Smoothie Recipes

    Jun 9th 2016

    Our Favorite Summer Smoothie Recipes

    Image: C Party RentalsToday we’re sharing the wonderful goodness that is summer smoothies. There’s nothing quite like a cold, tasty smoothie on a hot summer day. They’re perfect easy-to-make drinks wh…

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  • Crunchy + Spicy Baked Tofu Nuggets

    Aug 28th 2015

    Crunchy + Spicy Baked Tofu Nuggets

    (Image via TheKitchn)Yes, you read that headline right. You can make a delicious meal with tofu! I know you’re probably skeptical, and thinking ‘hey HAPARI, there’s no way you can make me like tofu’,…

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  • Healthy Winter Recipes

    Jan 16th 2015

    Healthy Winter Recipes

    Eating healthy in the winter can be hard; it’s cold outside; the sun goes down early. All I ever want to do is eat carbs and hide under my heated blanket! However, as great and amazing as ea…

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  • Sweet Summer Smoothies

    Aug 7th 2013

    Sweet Summer Smoothies

    Sweet Summer Smoothie Recipes courtesy of! It's really heating up outside, but we are cool as cucumbers inside sipping on our Sweet Summer Smoothies! These delectable treats will…

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