Maternity Swimwear Spotlight: S.O.S. Underwire Tankini Tops

Maternity Spotlight: The S.O.S. Tankini
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We’re so excited about the introduction of our maternity swimwear line! Last time, we featured our Seaside Tankini and Swim Dress and can’t wait to feature more styles. We even created a separate section on our website with suits that will fit a growing belly — just one less thing you have to worry about when shopping for a suit! All hail the mama’s and mama’s-to-be!

For this week’s spotlight, we’re highlighting our underwire tankini tops. At Hapari, we like to call them S.O.S. aka “Save Our Shape” because that’s exactly what they do! With built-in underwire, these popular tankini tops give your curves extra support where you need it most.

Maternity Underwire Tankini Top

Maternity underwire tankini topOur S.O.S. Underwire Tankini is the perfect swim top for pregnancy; with it’s built-in shape system, you’ll be supported from the first month of pregnancy to the last, and every day in between. Our suits are designed to highlight your natural curves with the most current designs and color patterns available. The Underwire Tankini Top comes in a myriad of options including our popular patterns: Pink Desert Wave, Red Hibiscus, Mikado Hibiscus, Retro Fashion, Denim Dancing Leaves, Trellis and Denim Tile as well as solid colors.

Mix and Match Bottoms

One of our favorite features about the S.O.S. underwire tankini top is that you can mix and match bottoms! Because our designs are bright and colorful, many different bottoms will work with the same top. And, with the support from the underwire top, you’ll love having the option of wearing bikini bottoms one day to board shorts the next. No matter the choice, you’ll always feel comfortable and stylish – something everyone longs for in a swimsuit!

Customer Review

Mix-and-Match Hapari BottomsOne of our customers, Lisa of wrote an honest review of our underwire top saying,

“… super cute, and has adjustable shoulder straps to get the perfect fit, and it ties in the back across your upper back. It features a supportive underwire, and standard removable foam cups with improved shape with Secrets. It is quite comfortable and does not ride up or down while wearing it.”

We love when our customers love our suits as much as we do! When you’re happy, we are happy.

Ultimately, we want you to love your swimsuit as much as we do. What do you love about your maternity suit from Hapari? We’d love to hear your feedback on the S.O.S. Underwire Tankini Top!

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    1. Lauri
    2. 5 years ago

    I have 3 SOS tops but did not buy a new one (or two) this season because the prints are old fashioned looking to me. I’m hoping next season offers some more smaller, youthful prints and colors. I’m 46 years old and these prints look a bit “old” to me which is always the challenge for someone who wants a youthful style yet coverage and support. Your SOS is the PERFECT suit for someone who is slim yet larger in the chest area. Your models all look youthful so I’m assuming that is your market. Youthful prints would have me buying two every year! Looking forward to next season.

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