HAPARI’s Favorite Water Workouts

HAPARI’s Favorite Water Workouts

Published by HAPARI on Sep 10th 2015

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Just because summer is coming to a swift end doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to all things summer-related. In fact, today’s post is about embracing one of the newest workout trends - water workouts! Now, I know what you’re thinking, but we aren’t talking about your grandparents water aerobics class. We’re talking high-energy, exciting, and FUN new workouts completely inspired by water (that can be done all year round!)

Check out HAPARI’s Favorite Water Workouts!

Paddle Boarding

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Looking for a fun way to burn 500+ calories an hour? Try stand up paddle boarding! Just managing to stand on the paddle board burns hundreds of calories. Want to up your workout for a more intense power hour? Try these fun additions to the paddle board balance:

  • booty buster - 10-15 squats, 3x
  • major abs - 25 situps balancing on the board, 3x
  • wave chisler - stand up (hip width apart) on your paddle board with your paddle in front of you. Pull board back and forth using arms until your torso twists and abs engage, repeat 10x each side.

Don’t have a lake or water source nearby to do these water workouts? Try doing the moves on a balancing board or add a yoga mat to the top of a couch cushion for a home remedy to the balance challenge.

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SUP Yoga

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Like a lil’ sis to the paddle boarding workout, SUP Yoga (that stands for Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga) is yoga via a paddle board. One of the newest trends in group classes, the SUP Yoga classes are held at local indoor and outdoor fitness facilities. Many classes are popping up in gym’s swimming areas. All you need is a paddleboard and some yoga moves! Favorite poses via SUP Yoga include:

  • down dog - stand with feet hip width apart, arms on the board and bum in the air
  • tree pose - stand on one leg with the other leg nestled over the top of your knee, arms raised towards the sky
  • warrior one - standing lunge, arms towards the sky) into warrior two (stay in position and move arms in front and behind you

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Bootcamp Water Classes

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Okay, I know we said no water aerobics, but bootcamp water classes are not yo’ mama’s water aerobics. These classes are intense, fun, water workouts! Designed to use water as a natural weight and resistance, bootcamp water classes are the next fun thing. A few of the workouts involved in these awesome bootcamp classes are:

  • kickboxing - try a series of 10, 3x of roundhouse kicks, karate jumps, sprinting punches
  • cardio (2 minutes each) - shuffle jog, football sprint side to side, high knees
  • weights - add water weights to triceps, biceps, and back flys

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