HAPARI's Favorite Pool Floaties of 2016

HAPARI's Favorite Pool Floaties of 2016

Published by HAPARI on Oct 7th 2016

Hapari gets floaty!

Credit: HGTV

HAPARI's Favorite Pool Floaties of 2016

One of our favorite trends this year is the introduction of fun pool floaties. Swans, donuts, and sea shells have replaced the old boring noodles and plain inner tubes . These floaties automatically liven up and pool party and helps to create memories that will last a lifetime. These floaties are great if you want to get a tan without the hassle of swimming in the water. See below for the list of our favorite floaties of 2016, we even used one at our last photo shoot!


Who ever said unicorns didn't exist were obviously wrong. At our last HAPARI Swim photo shoot we used this giant inflatable unicorn while shooting our Whitsunday Long Sleeve Rash Guard (pictured above) and absolutely fell in love. This floaty is 8 feet long and perfect for the pool. If you don’t want to get wet but still want some sun, this unicorn is the perfect thing to lay around and float on.


Credit: Urban Outfitters

I’d like a slice of pepperoni please! This pizza floaty is the perfect prop for the pool or the beach. It comes with 2 built in cup holders and the ability to connect 8 slices together to form a whole pie. With a couple weekends left of warm weather, get the gang together and throw a pizza party, it will definitely be one to remember.


Credit: Big Mouth Inc.

Lets get fruity! This pineapple floaty is refreshing to say the least. Bring it with you to the land or sea and you will be feeling like you are on an island sipping a tropical drink. Have a fruit themed bash and use this piece as part of a backdrop. There are also floaty drink holders that match!

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