DIY: How To Make Cute Head Wraps

How To Make Cute Head WrapsLet’s face it bad hair days are part of life. As much as we want to fight it, sometimes our hair just doesn’t do what we want. It’s those bed-head, random-cowlick, didn’t-have-time-to-shower days when a head wrap can be a life saver. Hapari is here to show you how to make cute head wraps.

The best thing about head wraps is their versatility! There’s so many different ways to wear and style your hair with them (think head wraps with pony tails, top knots, braids, all down, etc.)

Today we’re going to highlight a few of our favorite DIY Head Wraps and show you how to make cute head wraps so you can make some for those hair emergencies (or throw one on to change up your look!)

DIY Scarf Head Wrap1. Head Wrap via Scarf

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make a head wrap. Grab a scarf from your closet (preferably one made of lighter material) and lay it flat on a table. Fold it into a rectangle. Wrap around the head and bring two sides forward making sure the sides are equal in length. Twist the sides together two times. Take the remaining pieces and bring backwards to the back of your head. Tie a knot and tuck in excess fabric. Viola! Scarf = Head Wrap. {Image via Clothesncounters}


DIY Handkerchief Head Wrap2. Head Wrap via Handkerchief

These days not many of us ladies wear handkerchiefs very often, but the gorgeous fabric squares can be folded into useful head wraps. Grab your momma’s handkerchief or stop by a vintage store and find one. Fold the square into a large triangle by connecting diagonal points. Place the middle point on your forehead and wrap the other two sides around the head. Tie the two sides together (leaving the middle point of the triangle where it is.) Tuck the middle point backwards over the knot and under the sides. Tie the two sides into a bow. Done! {Image via Alida Makes}

DIY Sewn Head Wrap3. Sewn Head Wrap

This DIY wrap is a little more complicated than the last one but it’s still very doable. Buy a ¼ yard of jersey or knit fabric from your local fabric store. Measure the circumference of your head and cut your fabric to that length with 9-10 inches wide. Fold your fabric in half, inside out (optional: iron the piece flat.) Sew the two sides together in a straight line. Pull the fabric right side out. Sew the two sides together (for a twisted look, sew opposite diagonals together.) Done! {Image via I Am Bourgeois}

Let us know how your head wrap turns out! If you have tips and tricks for DIY head wraps, let us know in the comments. We’d love to share the info with our Hapari community.

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