Designing Swimwear from A to Z [Infographic]

A lot of work goes into all our swimsuits, and there are many different elements to consider as we develop new styles and designs. From an athletic look and feel to the eye-catching zebra prints, there are a lot of unique features that go into these suites. The process may start with the cut and fit, but there are still patterns, tones, colors, and more that can enhance your look and show off your assets with a style that is truly irresistible.

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Hapari 2012 Designing Swimwear Infograhpic

Designing Swimwear from A to Z | An infograhpic from the team at


At Hapari you can count on finding high-quality swimwear for women of all body shapes. So whether you’re looking for something modern or vintage, urban or tropical, we’ve designed a swimsuit that match a wide range of styles and preferences. Take a look and see which elements will make the perfect swimsuit for you.

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