3 Great Summer Artwork Ideas

Make these fun, beautiful works of art with your kids this summer!

Summer artwork ideas
(Image via Huffington Post)

Have fun this summer! Whether you’re looking for fun things to do with the kiddos while they’re out of school or just looking for a fun way to make summer crafts, we’ve compiled a list of awesome summer artwork ideas. And, to make things really easy, each craft idea in our HAPARI list has minimal ingredients, easy clean up, and guarantees lots of laughs.

Our Top 3 Summer Artwork Ideas!

  1. Floral Crowns

Make these beautiful, hand-crafted leaf crowns for your kids (or you!) to rock all summer long. They’re as easy to make as they are beautiful. Why not let the kids run around and pretend their princesses and princes? Or maybe they’ve turned into a powerful wizard? Spark their imagination with these leaf crowns all around! (Images via Craft Gawker)


  • Leaves, flowers, or any other foliage you may want
  • Green floral tape
  • Paper-wrapped floral wire
  • Measuring tape


Use the measuring tape to measure the circumference of your head. Add 2 inches to the measurement – you’ll need the extra wire to create a clasp. Cut the wireWrap wire into a circle, and create a loop at the end of one side. When you’re ready to wear your crown, you’ll use the other end to loop and secure the band. Add flowers, foilage, and whatever else desired to decorate the crown. Secure floral pieces with green floral tape.

  1. summer-crafts---hand-paintsHand Painted Masterpieces

There’s nothing better than good old fashioned finger painting. It’s fun, a great sensory craft, and keeps a record of little growing hands. Just be sure to use washable finger paint and make the art in an area that’s easy to clean up. (Image via Vroman’s Bookstore)


  • Washable body paint
  • Paper
  • Bowls


Pour the different paint colors in separate bowls, make sure to have newspaper or something below the paper canvas, and let the kids have fun!

  1. Negative Space Artwork

summer-crafts---painting1Your kids will love creating this negative space artwork! It’s a great opportunity to teach them about shapes, contrast, and design. Plus it’s really fun! (Image via Buzzfeed)



  • Tape (any size)
  • Canvas
  • Paint
  • Markers
  • Brush


Make designs with the tape on the canvas. I like the idea of creating geometric designs for a more abstract look. Get creative by adding paint and markers to the canvas.summer-crafts---painting2

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