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  • Full Illusions Silicone Breast Inserts
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Half Illusions Silicone Breast Inserts

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Half Illusions Breast Enhancer Silicone Inserts (1 pair silicone inserts for all tankinis and bikinis) These silicone breast insert Enhancements are safe and easy to use, and they give you the natural, full-figured look you've always desired. The Half Illusions will increase breast size 1/2 bra cup sizes, and can be used in salt water or chlorinated pools. Let Hapari's Illusions enhance those curves you love. These ""secret"" inserts fit into the hidden pocket on most Hapari tankinis and stylish bikini tops.

The Full Illusions Breast Enhancer Silicone Inserts add 1.5 to 2 full cup size(s). while the Half Illusions add a half size cup for those who just need to lift what they already have.


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  • Good Product

    BY on 2016-08-05 55 Stars

    After mastectomy and reconstruction, symmetry was an issue for me with one breast smaller (and higher) than the other. Although one of these inserts would work perfectly, I found it too much of an increase or lift with the style of swimsuit I have. I do believe that these look great, very natural and would work for many women whether to use one or needing both.

  • Finally

    BY on 2016-01-29 55 Stars

    After some health issues I have been left with one breast smaller than the other, about a cup size. These inserts work perfectly, adding the extra lift I need to look even. Thanks for supply such a great product.

  • great

    BY on 2015-10-22 55 Stars

    These work great. I love the added lift!

  • Woah!

    BY on 2014-04-02 44 Stars

    So these are very nice. They are way more normal/natural looking then what you will see in a cheap lingerie store. I gave 4 stores because they definitely do more than add a half cup.

  • BY on 2008-11-20 55 Stars

    beautiful results!

  • Full Illusions Silicone Breast Inserts