January’s Top Swimwear Tweets

It may be cold outside but the internet is ablaze with hot swimwear news. Here are some of our favorite swimwear-related Tweets from around the web:
Top Hapari Swimwear Tweet 1 - January 2012
January’s the perfect time of year to recommit to getting in shape and living healthier, but most of us don’t have the same motivation as lifeguards do! When you’re at the pool this summer, take some time to thank the brave men and women who bravely put on a swimsuit every day to keep us safe.
Top Hapari Swimwear Tweet 2 - January 2012
Speaking of people who look good in a swimsuit, congratulations to Miss Utah Danica Olsen on winning the preliminary Lifestyle & Fitness (Swimsuit) award in the first night of 2012’s Miss America pageant! We wish her the best of luck in the final competition on Saturday.
Top Hapari Swimwear Tweet 3 - January 2012
Country crooner LeAnn Rimes has been taking advantage of the warm weather in, first, Cabo and now Hawaii to get in some beach time. It’s not all been play for Rimes, however. She’s set to perform a private show for Hyundai and the PGA Tournament.
Top Hapari Swimwear Tweet 4 - January 2012
If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to make a swimsuit catalogue, you can get some behind-the-scenes details from Victoria’s Secret.
Top Hapari Swimwear Tweet 5 - January 2012
While we haven’t tried this for ourselves, we do find it the idea that Google loves swimwear as much as we do pretty amusing. Sorry to all the budding physicists out there.

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